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Li Hong met with Zhang Jingfang, General Manager of CRSC International and his delegation

Li Hong met with Zhang Jingfang, General Manager of CRSC International and his delegation

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  • Time of issue:2023-01-20
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Li Hong met with Zhang Jingfang, General Manager of CRSC International and his delegation


On the afternoon of October 11, Li Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of COVEC, and Jiang Zhe, General Manager, met with Zhang Jingfang, General Manager of CRSC International Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRSC International" and his party at the company headquarters. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on deepening mutually beneficial cooperation and realizing complementary advantages, and reached broad consensus.
Li Hong welcomed the visit of Zhang Jingfang and his party, and introduced the recent reform, development, production and operation of COVEC. He pointed out that the international engineering industry is undergoing profound changes. In the face of new internal and external situations and changes, COVEC is actively exploring the path of transformation, upgrading and high-quality development. Li Hong said that CRSC International has outstanding main business,strong core competitiveness and industrial competitive advantages in the field of railway and urban rail transit communication signals. COVEC is willing to use its business advantages and market layout in the international engineering field to join forces with CRSC International to deepen the mutually beneficial and win-win partnership and jointly promote new projects to bear fruit. Jiang Zhe said that such cooperation will help promote the high-quality development of both parties' businesses and it is hoped that the two sides will actively explore new cooperation models, conduct multi angle and in-depth docking in market development, third-party market cooperation and other aspects, give full play to their respective advantages, and work together to achieve common development.
Zhang Jingfang expressed his gratitude to COVEC for its warm reception, spoke positively of the achievements made by COVEC since its reform and reorganization, and briefly introduced the major "Belt and Road" projects such as the Hungary-Serbia Railway that CRSC International participated in. He said that CRSC International, as an international platform for CRSC to expand its overseas business, undertakes the important responsibility of realizing the "internationalization of CRSC" and shoulders the sacred mission of promoting China's high-speed rail "going global". In the future, CRSC International is expecting to deepen cooperation and exchanges with COVEC, give play to complementary advantages and synergistic effects, and jointly promote international infrastructure construction and "Belt and Road" interconnection.

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