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Mali 326 Stadium

Mali 326 Stadium

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Establish hospital and pharmaceutical factories to improve the medical and health conditions of African people. China and overseas responded positively to the call of the state. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, we built the hospital in Botswana, built the hospital in Zimbabwe, set up the "Sino pharmaceutical company" in C? D'Ivoire, founded the Madagascar pharmaceutical company in Madagascar, and contributed to improving the medical conditions of the local people in Africa.

To build a lot of infrastructure to improve the living standards of African people. In Botswana, 425 residential and ancillary projects are implemented. In Zaire, the "badolit villa" with Chinese classical architectural characteristics was built. In Mali, the parliament building of Mali, known as a pearl on the Niger River, has become a landmark of the capital of Mali, just like the African tower of Mali, which is also built by China overseas. In Gabon, Gabon's National Assembly building is located in Libreville, Gabon's capital. Chinese leaders highly praised Gabon's National Assembly building as a monument of China Canada friendship. In Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia stadium has been built, realizing the dream of the saint generation.

Mali 326 Stadium

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