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Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands officially put into operation

Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands officially put into operation

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  • Time of issue:2023-01-20
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Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands officially put into operation


On November 29, the Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands held a opening ceremony, marking that the mine officially entered the full operation stage. More than 500 people attended the ceremony, including Prime Minister Sogavare of Solomon Islands, Chinese Ambassador Li Ming, Vice General Manager Wang Hongming from COVEC, Vice General Manager Gao Liang from Shanghai Civil Engineering Co.,Ltd. of CREC, senior Government Ministers and Officials, Company representatives and tribal landowning group representatives at the mine site.

In his speech, Prime Minister Sogavare congratulated Gold Ridge Mine on its successful operation. He pointed out that the formal and smooth operation of the Mine is crucial to the economic and social development of Solomon Island and is the result of the concerted contributions of all parties. He added that the Solomon Islands government will unswervingly support the operation of the Gold Ridge Mine.
Ambassador Li Ming delivered a speech too. He said that the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between Solomon Islands and China opened a new historical chapter, and the mutually beneficial cooperation will be deepened in the future. The Gold Ridge Mine Project is the largest project contracted after the establishment of diplomatic relations. The smooth operation of the project not only greatly drives the development of the local economy, but also provides a large number of employment opportunities, which is a witness of mutual benefit between both countries.

Wang Hongming, Deputy General Manager of COVEC, cut the ribbon and addressed a speech for the opening ceremony. He said that the CREC Team will continue to organize scientifically and implement carefully to ensure that all production tasks and indicators of the Gold Ridge Mine will be completed as scheduled after it is put into operation, contributing to the promotion of local economic and social development. The CREC Team will also actively extend the responsibility spirit of Chinese enterprises, fulfill corporate social responsibilities, train a group of mining professionals and relevant skilled personnel for Solomon Islands, and help Solomon Islands achieve sustainable development.

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