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PNG Manus Highway Project Launching Ceremony was Held

PNG Manus Highway Project Launching Ceremony was Held

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  • Time of issue:2023-01-20
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PNG Manus Highway Project Launching Ceremony was Held


3rd November 2022, the Launching Ceremony of Manus Highway Project in Papua New Guinea was held in Lorengau, capital of Manus Province. Papua New Guinea Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Land and Resources John Rosso, Minister for Works and Highways Solan Mirisim, and representatives of the National Planning Ministry, Ministry of Mines, Ministry of State-owned Enterprises, Manus Province, and other government representatives attended the Launching ceremony. Wang Hongming, Deputy General Manager of China Overseas Engineering Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter COVEC), was invited to attend the ceremony and delivered a speech. 

John Rosso said at the Launching ceremony that good roads are key enablers to social sector and also enhances economic growth, and that the Manus Highway Project is an important part of the "Connect PNG" programme, which not only is conducive to improving Manus’ road traffic condition, but also provides huge amount of employment opportunities for the local community. It is a high-quality project that promotes local economic development and benefits people's livelihood, he said.

Wang Hongming said in his speech that since COVEC came to Papua New Guinea in 1995, it has served the economic and social development of the country for 27 years, completed more than 100 projects, and established a deep partnership with the local area. COVEC will continue to give full play to its advantages in technology and management capabilities, fully support the infrastructure construction of Papua New Guinea, and implement projects with high quality and efficiency. COVEC is willing to work together with the employers and local communities to make new contributions to Papua New Guinea's economic development and social well-being, and to add luster to the high-quality construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative. The Manus Provincial Highway Project is the upgrading and reconstruction of existing roads, and is a significant part of the Papua New Guinea government's "Connecting Papua New Guinea" strategic plan. The total length of the project is 30 kilometers, and the contract period is 36 months.

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