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Jiang Zhe's Visit to Tanzania

Jiang Zhe's Visit to Tanzania

  • Categories:News Center
  • Time of issue:2022-09-27
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Jiang Zhe's Visit to Tanzania


From September 10th to 17th , 2022, a delegation of COVEC led by Jiang Zhe, General Manager of COVEC, paid a visit to Tanzania to carry out market research. In attendance to witness the relevant activities were Deputy General Manager Hu Bo and head of COVEC Eastern-African Regional company.

On September 14th, 2022, local time, Jiang Zhe made a visit to Chu Kun, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania. During the meeting, Jiang Zhe gave a brief report on the new overseas development pattern of “ one body, two wings and N Drives” of China Railway, the establishment of the Operation and Management System of “Region + Country + Project,” and the company's overall development in Tanzania. Jiang Zhe expressed his gratitude towards the office of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Embassy for its continual support and encouragement over the years. He emphasized that COVEC will take full responsibility to implement the directives from the office of the Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Embassy, carry out business activities under the premise of compliance with the law, actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities and ensure all work in progress are in order.

On September 16, Jiang Zhe held a symposium with relevant staff of COVEC Eastern-African regional Company and put forward work requirements around the core issues of the development of the company.

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