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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang

  • Categories:News Center
  • Time of issue:2017-05-24
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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang


May 19th, at the invitation of Mauritania Foreign Minister Bih, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi successfully visited Mauritania.
On the morning of 19th, Minister Wang Yi met with Mauritanian President Aziz and
Mauritanian Foreign Minister Bih. During the meeting, both leaders spoke highly of the delta highway project constructed by COVEC, indicating that the successful implementation of the project would turn the poverty-stricken delta into a delta full of hope and actively promote Mauritanian economic and social development.
On the evening of 19, Minister Wang Yi met with all the embassy staff and representatives of
Chinese enterprises at the China Embassy in Mauritania. Cun Jinhua, general manager of the COVEC Mauritania attended related activities on behalf of COVEC. Minister Wang Yi fully affirmed the achievements and contributions made by Chinese enterprises in Mauritania, and encouraged enterprises to make persistent efforts to actively push China and Mauritania bilateral friendly relations to a new level. In his speech, Wang Yi once again affirmed the positive economic and social effects of the construction of the delta highway project.

COVEC Mauritania will make full use of this favorable opportunity to communicate more closely with our employer, and to sign the commercial contract of delta highway bid III as soon as possible. COVEC Mauritania will make greater contribution to local infrastructure construction.

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