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Kaedi-Maghama Highway Project Opens to Traffic

Kaedi-Maghama Highway Project Opens to Traffic

  • Categories:News Center
  • Time of issue:2017-06-27
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Kaedi-Maghama Highway Project Opens to Traffic


On June 23rd, Kaedi-Maghama Highway, with the completion of asphalt concrete pavement, opened to traffic, nearly a one month earlier than expected before the rainy season arrives.
To ensure the completion of Kaedi-Maghama Highway before the rainy season, the project team of COVEC Mauritania made great efforts in solving various difficulties in the construction including long-distance transportation, lack of material and construction in Muslim Ramadan. COVEC Mauritania actively communicated with the Engineer and representative of local employees to reasonably adjust the working time and assure the smooth construction during Ramadan.
Recently, variation of a branch line with length of 8.6 kilometers is expected to be awarded by the Employer. COVEC Mauritania is in discussion with the Employer to sign the Supplementary Contract, and will continue to perfect the project planning, reasonably organize the construction, and guarantee the successful completion the project within the contract period. The success of the project will provide COVEC more opportunities to further expand its operation in Mauritania.

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