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COVEC Attends China-Poland “The Belt and the Road” & LIIF Forum

COVEC Attends China-Poland “The Belt and the Road” & LIIF Forum

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  • Time of issue:2017-07-20
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COVEC Attends China-Poland “The Belt and the Road” & LIIF Forum


On July 13, CRIG Executive General Manager Shi Ping accompanied by COVEC President Huang Yi and Vice President Li Jingtao attended the “The Belt and Road” & Logistics infrastructure Investment Forum (LIIF Forum), co-hosted by China International Contractors Association(CICA) and Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Warsaw, Poland.
The forum focused on the theme “the Belt and Road Construction and China-Poland Cooperation in Infrastructure Area”. Over 300 participants, including Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Poland Speaker of the House, Polish Vice Prime Minister and representatives from Polish and China government and enterprises, were invited to the Forum.
During the forum, COVEC team led by General Manager Huang Yi met with Chinese Ambassador to Poland, Counselor and leaders from CICA, briefing the settlement of Poland A2 Expressway Project and COVEC’s developing plans in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. Chinese ambassador to Poland and chairman of CICA fully affirmed the settlement on Poland A2 Expressway Project and showed strong support to COVEC’s return to Poland market. COVEC team also held discussions with representatives of Poland Ministry of Development, Poland Highway Authority, Bilans and the partners of GSMR Project for bidding for the Central Communication Port, A-18 Highway, A-2 Highway, S-6 Highway and GSMR Project, which will give COVEC more opportunities to further expand its operation in Poland market.


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