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COVEC Nepal Branch Invited to Himalayan Consensus Summit 2018

COVEC Nepal Branch Invited to Himalayan Consensus Summit 2018

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  • Time of issue:2018-08-31
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COVEC Nepal Branch Invited to Himalayan Consensus Summit 2018


From March 23 to 24, the Himalayan Consensus Summit 2018 with the theme of “Unleashing Connectivity for Inclusive Growth” was held in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. More than 100 representatives from diplomatic, business, financial, academic fields, think-tank and environmental protection organizations from various countries attended the summit. China Overseas Engineering Group Nepal Branch was also invited to this summit.

The summit was mainly held in the form of keynote speeches and sessions. The organizers reviewed the important measures implemented through the Himalayan Consensus Summit to promote the development of the Himalayan region. Ms. Yu Hong, Chinese ambassador to Nepal, made an important speech, saying that China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”had brought new opportunities to the development of the Himalayan region and a large number of cooperation projects were being promoted, which had played an important role in the local economic and social development.  Huang Youyi, a member of the national committee of CPCCC and former deputy director and editor-in-chief of China International Publishing Group, made a keynote speech entitled “ How Can the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Promote the Economy of the Himalayan Region”, which received high praises from the guests attending the meeting.

Nepal Branch, one behalf of COVEC, participated in the presentation and discussion of the session “Quest for Sustainable Earth” at the summit, saying that they would actively implement China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, fully engage in infrastructure construction in the Himalayan region, speed up regional communication and coordination, promote regional economic development, and make important contributions to improving the economy and people’s livelihood in the Himalayan region.

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