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COVEC’s Notice on Combating the Novel Coronavirus Disease

COVEC’s Notice on Combating the Novel Coronavirus Disease

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-23
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COVEC’s Notice on Combating the Novel Coronavirus Disease


COVEC’s Notice on Combating the Novel Coronavirus Disease


Departments of head office, overseas branches and subsidiaries:
Recently, the combat against novel coronavirus disease has reached a critical moment. The imported risks in Beijing has increased and the risks of overseas areas have been looming large. COVEC Workgroup for The Novel Coronavirus Disease convened a video conference on February 27th, related prevention and control works have been arranged and deployed. The relevant requirements are notified as follows:

I. The company’s head office continues to implement a flexible working mode.

During the period from March 2 to 6, the head office continues to implement the current flexible working mode. In principle, it is recommended to work at home. When there is a need for work at office, with the three conditions met required by the company (staff having not left Beijing or staff returning to Beijing for quarantine for 14 days with good health condition and with no record of contact in epidemic areas) , staff should report to his or her department manager one day in advance for approval of entry. Staff’s temperature should be measured with thermometer twice a day and reported.

II. All departments (units) should urge employees to do personal protection.

1.Avoid group dining and unnecessary gatherings, do not go to the hospital if unnecessary and reduce the frequency of purchases of daily necessities.

2.Wear mask cover, gloves, and wash your hands frequently, do not touch your eyes and nostrils with unclean hands. Express packages received should be properly disinfected and take-out packages should not be brought into home as much as possible. Garbage should be cleaned up in a timely manner; proper ventilation and disinfection in residential and office areas are recommended.

3.Keep reasonable work and rest schedule, as well as healthy eating habit andproperexercise, which will help enhance immunity.

III. A further epidemic prevention and control of COVEC mansion.

1.The temperature of personnel entering the COVEC Mansion should be further strictly measured. All personnel entering (including tenants and property management personnel) are required to take a temperature measurement on the lobby of the first floor. Those who have abnormalities shall not enter the office building.The Property Management Department should ensure that the temperature measurement personnel are available 24 hours.

2.The Administrative Asset Management Department shall notify and occasionally check the second floor’s tenants who are required to take their own body temperature every day and ensure that there is no close personnel contact in office. All employees shall not take public transport to go out and commute.It’snot allowed to sign the responsibility statement for epidemic prevention and control with two units.The Property Management Departmentshould report the temperature test results of all staffsin COVEC mansion to the Administrative Asset Management Department every day.

3.The Administrative Asset Management Department is responsible for calibrating the thermometer used at the front desk, which should be replaced immediately if they do not meet the requirements; at the same time, a sufficient amount of anti-epidemic materials reserves should be guaranteed. At present, necessary disinfection supplies and disposable gloves are to be reserved.

4.The Administrative Asset Management Department shall urge the property management to strengthen the timely disinfectant spraying and garbage cleaning of public areas such as conference rooms, main corridorsand bathrooms. Personal office supplies of employees shall also be regularly disinfected by themselves.

IV. Overseas units are required to ensure epidemic prevention and business operation duly in parallel.

1.It shouldcontinue to strictly control the newly dispatched employees to go abroad and return to work after vacation, and strictly implement the quarantine measures for overseas staff on arrival at host country.

2.It should continue to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, continuously improve and enrich emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control, conduct appropriate drills and reserve emergency supplies.

3.It is strictly forbidden to gather or dine together with personnel from other Chinese-funded institutions before the epidemic situation is lifted. In principle, the employees should not have parties or dinners outside the work with foreign personnel. Sufficient assessment and prevention measures should be made when there has parties with project employers or supervisors. In principle, no other Chinese personnel are scheduled to visit. If necessary, both parties must take precautions, and the person in charge of the talks should arrange for disinfection after the meeting.

4.Try to avoid going to crowded places and traveling by public transport such as airplanes, report to the head of company for approval when it’s really needed.

5.Pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation in the host country, take reasonable measures of epidemic prevention for foreign employees, handle external business properly, and avoid close contact as much as possible.


COVEC Workgroup for The Novel Coronavirus Disease


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