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China Overseas Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.
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  • Time of issue:2019-11-27 00:00:00
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Welcome to our website and thank you for your attention and support.

(“COVEC”), one of the first state-owned enterprises overseas following the times of “going global”, has gone through more than twenty years of growth and developed into a well-known company with international competitiveness and strength in international engineering projects contracting, overseas industrial investment, foreign trade and labor service.

Quality is driven by professionalism and masterpiece is built on strength. During recent ten years, with the correct national guidance of “going global” strategy and great support from our parent company, China Railway Group Limited (known as CREC), COVEC employees have been forging ahead with determination and practicing with hard work to step on Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America and other places all over the world among which more than 20 countries and regions have seen the establishment of our branches whose great contribution has promoted the local infrastructure, economic and social development. Thus, Chinese leaders and local national leaders have spoken highly of our works many times. And COVEC has been continuously listed as one of the International Contractors” and been awarded honors like China Construction Engineering Luban Awards, 5-Star Prize for China International Economic and Technical Cooperation, State Advanced Construction Enterprise for General Contracting, Top 50 Chinese Overseas Engineering Contractors, National Excellent Enterprise in Employer-employee Harmony Relationship etc..

Reform leads development and innovation establishes future. Now, at the new historical starting point, COVEC will take reform as the power, innovation as the soul, quality as the core and service as the foundation, remember the enterprise motto of “Practice, Devotion, Innovation and Beyond”, insist on the business principle of “Honesty, Performance, Diversity and Inclusiveness”, adhere to the development orientation of a comprehensive service provider, drive forward the business, management and mechanism innovation to build COVEC into an integrated service provider in engineering and to create value and provide service for customers in all ways and in the whole process.

The sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold. We sincerely hope to join hands with friends all over the world to create a better future based on cooperation and mutual benefits.

Thank you again for visiting our website.


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