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China Overseas Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.
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Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment


Recruitment major

Major in civil engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, English, French, accounting, financial management, law, etc.

Application requirements

1. Full time graduates of two or more universities in 2018;

2. Have high political literacy and good team spirit;

3. Strong sense of organization, obedient to distribution, able to work abroad.

4. Qualified students, good performance, good foreign language proficiency of non language graduates (student cadres, CPC members, scholarship recipients are preferred);

5. Both in and out of Beijing.

Contact person: Mr. Zhang

Tel: 010-88566906, e-mail: hr@covec.com

Address: Human Resources Department, zhongwaiwaiwai building, No.1 Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

company website: www.covec.com

Recruitment process

1. Resume delivery: the candidate will edit the email and send the resume to hr@covec.com The title of the e-mail should indicate "2018 graduates apply for + school + major + name + place of origin". In the e-mail, please attach your resume, electronic photos, certificates, transcripts, awards, personal works and other application materials.

2. On site interview: after resume screening and telephone interview, the company sends interview invitation to qualified candidates by e-mail, and the candidates come to the company for interview as required.

3. Sign the agreement: the company will inform the candidates of the result of admission in the form of e-mail, and the recruiters will sign the tripartite agreement according to the requirements of e-mail.

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