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Education and training

Education and training


People are important resources of enterprises. CNOOC attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of talents. Both at home and abroad, CNOOC encourages and advocates employees to study in their posts, pursue further vocational education and develop continuously, so that they can become the core driving force of the company and the strong support of the company's continuous growth. With the goal of building a learning organization and the guiding ideology of "strengthening the enterprise with talents", the company deeply implements the general policy of "people-oriented", mobilizes all training resources, cultivates "four talent teams", and actively cooperates and promotes the company's strategic transformation.

The company completed the training and distribution of new graduates in 2014

In mid July, the company ushered in 16 new graduates from many key universities in China, covering civil engineering, foreign language, finance and other professional disciplines. And according to the company's business characteristics, combined with the actual situation, successfully completed the nearly two weeks of induction training for fresh graduates.

Through case analysis, video demonstration and expert explanation, the training covers ten modules, including the company's development history, corporate culture, current market distribution and business scope, business etiquette, safety knowledge, rules and regulations, document processing, cross-cultural communication, career development and common problems in different positions. We specially invited representatives of young employees from southeast Africa, West Africa and South Pacific region of the company to discuss with the graduates, introduced the market characteristics and local conditions and customs of each region, and answered all kinds of questions raised by the new employees in combination with actual work and personal experience. During the training period, a day of outdoor outward bound training was arranged to enhance the team awareness and communication skills of graduates.

Through systematic training and theoretical study, new employees have a further understanding of the company's development process and current business. Combined with case analysis, they have a more real sense of the importance of project risk management and safety production. Through outdoor expansion, they have rapidly improved the spirit of unity and cooperation and the ability of team communication. Through new and old employee seminars, they have enhanced the understanding among employees, and enhanced the competitiveness Intuitive understanding of the front-line situation of overseas agencies and projects.

After the training, the company will assign new employees to various business divisions and corresponding overseas agencies according to the demand plan of graduates from various units and the actual receiving situation of graduates, combined with the professional characteristics and comprehensive situation of graduates. Special personnel are required to be assigned to take charge of the training, carry forward the fine tradition of "one help one" and "teacher leading apprentice", and make new employees quickly change their roles and enter the market through "pass, help and lead" Status. At present, graduates are ready to go to the front line of production in overseas organizations to inject new vitality and power into the future development of the company.

Strengthening professional skills training of business unit of Africa English region

In order to improve the operation and development level of the business division and improve the professional and technical ability of the staff, the business division of Africa English region held a special lecture on "how to do a good job in prequalification documents for bidding" on the afternoon of May 12, and achieved the expected results.

Africa English Business Division attaches great importance to staff training. At the beginning of its establishment, it put staff training on the important agenda and made an overall arrangement. The internal training content will involve business development, project management, execution construction and other aspects. In this lecture, slides and other forms were used to focus on the methods, steps and matters needing attention of bidding prequalification documents. At the same time, the composition of contract documents, basic knowledge of FIDIC and other related contents were briefly described, and interactive exchanges were conducted on related topics.

Through the training, all staff of the business division have a new understanding of the work of Prequalification documents, which has laid a good foundation for the smooth development of the business development of the business division.

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