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Talent Team

Talent Team


The foreign language talent pool of China overseas is quite unique, with multi languages, high level, high level of business negotiation, familiar with overseas project operation procedures and many years of foreign work experience, which is the wealth of China overseas. In recent years, this comparative advantage has been further consolidated. The newly recruited university graduates are sent to the overseas front line within two years, forming the echelon configuration of the overseas management team. The overseas agencies have become the "familiar places" to expand the market and the "highlands" to cultivate talents. In the past three years, dozens of employees who have been rooted overseas for a long time and made outstanding contributions to the enterprise have been awarded the honorary titles of national labor model, "locomotive Medal" and top ten outstanding youth of China Railway. Some long-term overseas employees are also praised by the government of the country where the project is located.

In recent years, CNOOC has always recognized the mental state of its employees as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, educated people with scientific ideas, inspired people with advanced culture, attracted people with reasonable treatment, trained people in the front line of the project, and made Africa a base for cultivating talents.

The main goal of talent team construction is: to build a bidding cost team, optimize the project manager team, cultivate international engineering professional team as the guidance, and basically build four talent teams that adapt to the actual needs of cross regional, cross industry and transnational operation, and effectively combine echelon structure, professional structure, ability structure and temperament structure: foreign language, business and management talents It is a team of project managers who are familiar with construction organization, project management, comprehensive coordination ability and professional knowledge; a team of business personnel who are familiar with international business, bidding and quotation; a team of financial personnel who are familiar with local laws and regulations, financial taxation and cost accounting.

At present, there are 415 registered employees in China overseas, and 333 of them have college degree or above, accounting for 80% of the total number. There are 286 people with various professional and technical titles, accounting for 60% of the total number; among them, there are 1 professor level senior engineer, 64 senior titles, 101 intermediate titles, 120 middle and senior titles, accounting for 40% of the total number of professional titles.

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