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Enterprise spirit

Enterprise spirit


Love enterprise, abide by law, honesty and harmony


As an export-oriented enterprise, loving the enterprise means loving the enterprise, being loyal to the enterprise, protecting the interests of the enterprise, cherishing the fine tradition of the enterprise, and dedicating to the development of the company's overseas career. Abiding by the law means abiding by the laws and disciplines, international practices and laws and regulations of the host country, obtaining the project and implementing it smoothly. Honesty is honesty. "Sincerity is the way of heaven; sincerity is the way of man. Sincerity, faith. " Harmony is the ideal social form, pursuing the environment of honesty, fraternity, fairness and justice.

In the process of engaging in international project contracting business, we should abide by international practices and give full play to business advantages; adapt to the environment of the host country and strive to develop the market; be responsible to the project owner and earnestly perform the contract; manage the cooperation team well and achieve the expected benefits. China overseas staff are committed to love foreign economic business and take root in the overseas market; stick to the overseas position and dedicate their talents; enhance their professionalism and build a professional team; flexibly mobilize resources and achieve extraordinary achievements.

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