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China Overseas Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.
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Development Process

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China Overseas Engineering Group Co. Ltd. (COVEC) was established in 1991 under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. With the guidance of SASACand approval of the State Council, it was merged into China Railway Engineering Corporation in 2003 as a fully-funded subsidiary with outstanding capability and capacity in international project contracting, China’s foreign aid projects, overseas industrial investment, labor services and international trade. COVEC is strong in the operation, execution, management and finance of international engineering projects and has a wealth of distinctive international commercial experiences, business information and partnership, and overseas resources. COVEC possesses an abundant domestic and international business liaison network and has a professional team of multi lingual and specialized staff who are familiar with the international business protocols and practices.


COVEC has been listed in the ENR TOP 225 International Contractors ever since mid-1990s and gained outstanding market fame and popularity. COVEC has developed into an well-known international contractor brand especially in Africa, South Pacific, and Southeast Asia.

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